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 The virus issue that is now in China, which is said to be a lot for Thai police. Pay a few thousand and five can bring her to the hotel, called welcoming since entering the special channel only for a moment. At the latest, now the spokesman for the Tourist Police Headquarters has come out to admit that there are police in the jurisdiction appear in the clip. 1 Mr. I don"t like to watch the clip that appears a bit. Chinese at this level. He"s like a foreigner in China. Can he do a hotel review? Would he like a car for the police to lead him or not? He asked the price, how much? He said if a motorcycle costs 6,000 baht, a sedan costs 7,000 baht. He said that we took everyone to meet Thai police to use the service. She said that it was a test of the use of Thai police services, it would not listen here. Shocking. Testing the use of Thai police that money. Can you buy everything according to the rumors? It"s very shocking to listen to. Haha. Funny because there is a policeman to pick up at the door halfway, lead the bag, open the car door to drive, turn on the emergency siren light, if it is a motorcycle, 6000 paid. The only 7,000 baht procession arrives at the accommodation, it"s really convenient as the rumors say, and this is a police car. This is our car. You can explore, open the door for me and give me a bottle of drinking water as well at the office.ดาวน์โหลด-918kiss/

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