Come out of the case of not the same wage, causing friends to be friends, so they will even come to work, so they are not happy. Therefore grabbed the parked to the point of death, raising the news from yesterday, then there was another picture from the CCTV in the distant corner of the corner. This is a clip that the person who committed the crime by itself is a closed circuit that the fellow workers do not want to prohibit, but not listening, then hit him to death as well. Mr. Mr. Kritthasaphak Mi or that age 53 This year, the person who beat another person to death, the dead person is Mr. Suriya Chukaew or Kaew, 35 years old. It"s said that in the glass, it"s not tamed. I want to see the face of both clips. It"s an event that is tied up as good evidence that Mr. Nie is the perpetrator. At this time, the police officers have arrived at the scene. Came to detain one of them. This incident happened at 7:00 am last Friday in a village in Lam Luk Ka District, Pathum Thani Province. police station Lam Luk Ka is here to inspect.ล็อตเตอรี่/Lotto-Thailand

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