Thai desserts, ancient desserts, royal desserts, dessert recipes that are hard to find


Thai desserts, ancient desserts, royal desserts, dessert recipes that are hard to find in Thailand (ประเทศไทย). Most of them are made from rice and use other ingredients such as colors, utensils, and natural aromas. As for the rice that is used in Thai desserts, both are used in the form of whole grain rice and rice in flour form. In addition, there are other ingredients such as eggs, sugar, and coconuts that are unique in Thai national culture. Delicacy in the selection of raw materials, meticulous methods of making, delicious, sweet, colorful, attractive appearance. as well as elaborate methods Some of the menus are influenced by northern (อาหารเหนือ), central and southern food. It is also influenced by northern culture (ประเพณีภาคเหนือ) as well.

Thai desserts are involved in the Thai way of life in every festival and occasion. It shows a connection and has been an important part of Thai culture since ancient times. Sweets used in Thai festivals and rituals throughout the year.

In ancient times, Thai people in Thailand (ประเทศไทย)would only make desserts on important occasions. such as a merit-making ceremony, a wedding ceremony, an important festival, or welcoming an important guest Because some desserts require human effort and time to make, most of them are traditions such as wedding desserts, but for weddings, local desserts such as Khanom Krok, Khanom Cup, etc., as for desserts in the palace fence, will look beautiful. Exquisite and exquisite in the arrangement of beautiful dessert shapes.

Traditional Thai desserts There will be flour, sugar, coconut milk only. The dessert that uses eggs as an ingredient, such as Thongyip Thongyod, jackfruit seeds, is Marie Quimar de Pina (Thao Thong Kip Ma), a Portuguese woman. It is the leading recipe from Portugal.

Thai desserts are popular everywhere. Region of Thailand in various ceremonies is an egg snack and it is believed that the names and characteristics of such desserts, such as eating Foi Thong To hope to live together for a long time, have a long life, eat snacks, get a promotion in salary eat dessert Thong Ek would like to be a major, etc.

During the reign of King Rama I, cookbooks were published. Including the textbook of Thai desserts as well Therefore, it can be considered that Thai dessert culture has been recorded in writing for the first time. The first Thai cookbook was Mae Krua Hua Pak. Later, when the trade grew in the market, there were many kinds of snacks for sale. And it is the era where Thai desserts are popular.

Wang’s desserts will use generosity. embellishment in several steps In the past, people used to send female children into the palace. To dedicate themselves to the lords in the palaces in various palaces to practice various crafts such as needlework, flower arrangement, and cooking. few things and each requires finesse Meticulous in every step of making, such as Khanom Khai Khai, Khanom Luk Chup, Khanom Moh Tan, Khanom Bueng, coconut milk agar, custard agar, pandan agar.

Classification of Thai desserts They are divided according to the method of ripening as follows:
Pastry cooked by stirring Most of them use gold pans. Stirring from a clear liquid until the period. Then pour into molds or trays when cool, then cut into pieces, such as tacos, desserts, rhombic desserts, soft stone desserts, and various fruits, including red glutinous rice. Glass Sticky Rice and Kalamae.

Snacks that are cooked by steaming. Use some crates to pour the mixture into a pinwheel cup and steam it. Some are inserted into trays or printed. Some types are wrapped in banana leaves or coconut leaves, such as bouquets, layered desserts, fried rice porridge, young pear, custard, banana desserts, sugar candies, sweets with fillings, candles, desserts with water, flowers, and crackers in Pak Mo.

confectionery cooked by welding It is to put the ingredients into the syrup that is boiling until cooked, such as Thong Yod, Thong Yib, Foi Thong, jackfruit seed, candied banana, sugar cane syrup.

Fry-cooked snacks It is to put the ingredients in a frying pan with hot oil until cooked, such as fried bananas, fried rice, Kanom Kong, Khanom Bat, Khanom Sao, Khanom Nanglet.
Desserts that are cooked by steaming or baking, such as Khanom Mo Khang, Khanom Na Nuan, Khanom Klebe Lamduan, Khanom Thong Muan, Hard pears. In addition, Khanom Krok, Khanom Bueng, Khanom Dok Lam Chiak that are heated on the stove may also be included in this group.

confectionery cooked by boiling This type of dessert uses a pot or pan to boil water. Put the candy in until cooked and scoop up. to be mixed with or sprinkled with coconut, such as Kanom Nut Pab, boiled dessert, sticky dessert, and Rae Rai dessert. Popularly boiled with coconut milk. Or put the flour mixed into a wet snack. and desserts eaten with syrup and coconut milk, such as bananas, orchards, sweet potatoes, sago palms, lod chong, and sarim.

Most Thai desserts are made from rice and will use other ingredients such as colors, utensils, and natural aromas. The rice used in Thai desserts is both in the form of whole grain and rice in the flour form. There are also other ingredients such as coconut, eggs, sugar.

The royal dessert recipes, Thai desserts, and interesting ancient desserts are as follows:เชียงใหม่/15731-ทำขนมไทยทำง่าย-ขนมโบราณ-ขนมหวานไทยมีอะไรบ้าง.html

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